Limited editions

Now and then, not often, but it happens sometimes, Kneeke got that special feeling when creating an image in his mind and everything comes together at the right moment when pressing the shutter. The mood, the light, the day, some phase in his life, everything fits and comes together.
Only those special moments make it to the Limited Edition selection. Each one is printed at 120cm wide, professionally mounted between dibond and 3mm acryl glass, comes with a certificate of authenticity and sealed fingerprint.

At this moment five limited editions are available:

Kneeke: “Life is not endless, but waves are forever. I created this artwork on my trip to Iceland, in the summer of 2017. My best friend was struggling with a life ending disease and has been a big inspiration for the past decade. He inspired me to visit this beautiful and stunning island and when I was looking at the waves near Vestrahorn that very early morning, I realised the waves in the sea are like the people in your life. They come and go, bring you joy and inspiration. Our lives will end, but the waves will be there, forever…”
Limited to 75 prints  120x50cm  € 950,-


Kneeke: “When things in life seem to happen without too much effort, just by listening too your senses, not your mind, everything will get in a flow. Those moments are great to experience and when creating this fine art I was in a flow for hours, from hiking to this beautiful stream with that stunning blue water, full of oxygen, to just sitting on a rock, watching this blue aorta giving life to everything it passes near it’s way down to sea. To me this artwork reminds me to be in a flow as much as possible every day, to just let things happen, listening to your heart and senses, the most beautiful days will arise.”
Limited to 75 prints  120x50cm  € 950,-


Kneeke: “Standing behind this magnificent waterfall in Iceland, I almost felt like hugged by Mother Earth, protecting you from the power of the falling water. I think we all can’t live without a good hug sometimes, which gives you a moment of inner peace and happiness even in the most difficult times.”
Limited to 75 prints  120x80cm  € 1250,-



Power - Limited Edition

Kneeke: “Standing at the coast of Lanzarote and looking at the rolling waves of the Atlantic Ocean, you immediattely feel the power of the wind and water. Millions of liters of water in millions of years have polished the sharp vulcanic rocks into smooth rounded shapes. With a long exposure and panning with the wave, I try to capture this power in a dynamic chaos of blue and white.”

Limited to 75 prints  120x60cm  € 995,-